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We Just don't setup your eCommerce, But help your Business to Grow

We just don't set eCommerce, but also help you in eCommerce marketing and promotion, We have a dedicated team for SEO & Online Marketing, So you don't need to worry about your site promotion at all. Though marketing is a huge in terms of theory, assumption and practice, and is never ending topics to talk about, but here are few things that we do to promote and optimize your site.

Here are the few things we do to make sure your business grow in a systemetic way
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SMO (Social Media Optimization)
Google Project Marking (Marks your office address)
PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click)
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Article Writing (per article of 500 words )
Back Link Creation
Facebook Marketing
Here are few Tips for you, So you also can learn and do yourself
Keep it simple, do what you understand, not necessarily everything!

We always encourage client to learn about Online Marketing, So they can do themselves if they wish!

Key words and meta tags : Consumer/buyers prefer reading simplistic marketing messages instead of in-depth messages, so one should always use very simple message that anyone can understand.

User Experience : How does your site look? Does it look appealing? Is it easy to navigate around?

Multi-Channels Optimization / Social Media : Keywords corelation matters a lot, Keyword strategy is not only important for the page it's beeen implemented on, but also should extend to other social external platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Giving transparency to your potential buyers is the best way to market your products! So, Don't Push, rather Gain Faith!

Content Marketing : Creating great content is one of the key way to be successfull in online marketing! Always try to provide detail & updated information about your product and services.

Don't copy content from other website, Just say what you have or provide!

Keep Accurate Content: Keep the content accurate, So when your potential buyers read that they will feel good, and they come back again. and that's how sell happen!

We are open, always ready to learn, ready to share, ready to help to make you understand the subject. Here is a link that may help you to understand Online Marketing in better way!

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VTechis.Com is an eCommerce Development Company, provide complete eCommerce solution at very low cost.

We Design, Develop & Promote Your eCommerce Store.

One need not to have any previous eCommerce knowledge, we do everything to make your business / brand successful !

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