eCommerce service terms condition
  • is core engine designed to provide the benefit of cutting edge technology to every retailers to empower their business in a more organized way.
  • We continuously keep upgrading the core definition of, but that will not enforce the upgradation of any client implementation.
  • definition does not allow to bulk data transfer, though we have a separate utility to do so, and provide as per demand basis.
  • Our image policy also reduce the image size in a standard format and size to make it best fit for the web based solution, so sometimes that may cause the difference in image quality.
  • You will have complete ownership of your database, we normally provide database space on our server which is very secure and 99.9% up and running, in case you choose to keep database on your hosted server / environment, you will be responsible for any down time due to connectivity issue or any other database issue, also if in your hosting anything goes wrong that may cause your application down, and to address such issue appropriate Fees will be applicable.
  • is well configured to deal with data storage on different environment; we never hold responsibility of data if data is hosted on client’s environment.
  • Any enhancement/customization will be subject to additional effort, cost and time. So feasibility will be considered depending on demand and other conditions.
  • Functionality in shown during the demo and specified in "Scope document", will be deployed with your application, but as business keep growing you may need more additional functionality, which will be chargeable. For any additional function may need additional deployment time of 1 to 5 working days. Intellectual property & Copyright
  • core engine is the property of ETG Consultancy; no one will have modification and redistribution right of this engine, ETG holds complete right to change any defination anytime.
  • will provide service in SAAS format only.
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