Online Digital Marketing Really Works?

Online Digital Marketing Really Works?
Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hope you are doing well in 2017! And getting ready to boost up your business to next level!

Here I just thought of sharing some information that may add value in retail business, everywhere we all hear about Digitalization or Digital Business in Progress. Have you ever thought what this progress all about? Where the progress is happening and how! Or it&;s just on Air! Like we keep hearing so many new terminologies!

Let&;s look at our daily life more closely, what changes are happening around us , and what are the impact of digitalization! Is that making our life easy or just a jargon to make life more tough & complicated, and no one cares about!

  1. The time has come now, many of us don&;t go to bank for money transfer, and also teach our aged parents how they can check money from mobile device, withdraw money from ATM machine. No more standing in queues. Though a big number of people has still doubt about! and wonder how!

  2. We can book our travel tickets from home, don&;t need to run after any travel agent for any travel information or ticket booking. We can do it ourselves with more transparency, knowledge & at our own flexible time, place with &;100% accuracy !

  3. Book hotels of your choice and within your budget, no last minutes surprise, compare with all similar option available … everything from home without depending on anyone …without going anywhere..

  4. Needless to say, shopping online is no more a new things to talk about, plenty of options to buy from anything and everything , Yes, we still go to physical shop to buy from, but more than 60% buying decision is made upfront from online information, which plays a highly influential role in buyers buying decision.

  5. Ordering food from home, knowing what&;s around the locality, the best food joint, best discount / offer, we don&;t need to run here and there … everything from your own device or desktop ..just done within few seconds.

Now,&; you must agree that you and your family do this all in daily life, with or without knowledge! Specially if you are staying in any metro cities , even small cities are growing up very first with the help of internet. &;Everything is going with a magical flow.

So, Let&;s ask a simple question to yourself, especially if you are business owner or service provider …what changes are you making in your business strategy? or just working on same predefined earlier path with wonder if digitalization will make any impact in your business! As a business owner before spending any money having query / doubt is always good, but has to be quickly clarified and understood, else you may remain much behind in competition.

Still if you are not doing anything! Big thing to worry! Work on it, to save and better tomorrow!&;&;

Online Digital Marketing, Online Selling, eCommerce Business

Online Digital Marketing, Online Selling, eCommerce Business

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