Gold Diamond Necklace ( GDN58 )
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Dangling / Necklace
Gold weight: 28.000
Silver weight: 68.000
Total weight 55.000
Attribute1: Attribute 1
Attribute2: Attribute 2
Attribute3: Attribute 3
Attribute4: Attribute 4
Attribute5: Attribute 5
Attribute6: Attribute 6
VVS Baguetts 19 to 20.5 2
VVS Baguetts 20.5 to 22 25
IF Round 19 to 20.5 5
Color stones
Ruby Oval 4
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Gold Diamond Necklace, Dangling, Necklace
dangle style 5
Weight: 11.250
INR 4200.00
dangle style 4
Weight: 13.250
INR 3500.00
dangle style 3
Weight: 17.230
INR 3000.00
dangle style 2
Weight: 12.400
INR 600.00
dangle style1
Weight: 10.200
INR 5000.00
Gold Diamond Ne
Weight: 55.000
INR 62500.00
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