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How to Sell Jewelry Online with your own brand
Selling gold diamond jewelry, homemade jewelry, fashion jewellery, imitation jewelry can be a difficult and competitive business to get into, but this is highly profitable, and because of the popularity of online shopping can make the business more successful.
The technology has reached a point where people feel secure enough with online shopping to buy jewellery, luxury & fashion jewellery even diamond jewelry online.
But How to Sell your jewelry products online with own brand! Any Idea? Yes, You Can! Its very easy with our solution, We can customised the solution exactly the way you run your business.... but with more efficiency!
Online business will be always competitive, so make sure you have choosen right ecommerce partner! and check the follwing list if you have in your jewelry ecommerce platform! Because every small details of jewelry is very important, and your buyers would like to know that.
Jewelry eCommerce Check list - MUST
Can you set every small details of your diamond like sieve, shape, quality etc.
Can you set every small details of your color stone like shape, name etc.
Can you change your price very frequently, because with metal/gold price change you may need to change the product price.
Jewelry eCommerce software
Online jewelry selling is highly profitable business , Now buyers have been matured enough to buy jewelry online, many customers of fine & luxury jewelry are now women buying items for themselves.

FREE Marketing & Selling
There are platform like VDealX , where you can market & sell your products FREE of cost.
According to various online sources: The current market size of imitation jewellery in India is pegged around Rs. 8000 crore, out of which online retail contributes 2% (approx Rs 150-180 crore).

This business tool allow you to set every small details of your jewelry & the analytics will help you to understand the product popularity based the user visit, order, buy or cancel, which eventually help you to grow your business & save time and money.

sell jewelry online
So, You can be successfull if you have a high quality eCommerce website tun run your online jewelry business, We specialise in setting up customised Jewelry eCommerce store for your all type of jewelry products, we also help you to market your Jewelry store online.

Jewelry eCommerce store setup

In VTechis eCommerce, you smoothly can drive you Online Jewelry Business with your own Brand, Logo
Five key features that will help to drive your online jewelry business
CRM, Customer Management Content Management
Lead Management Product Management
Order Management
You get everything in your Jewelry eCommerce System
How to Sell Online | eCommerce Development
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Selling Jewelry Online

Online Jewellery Business has huge potential, international sales are also possible online, internet has opened a new door for handmade jewelry, fashion jewelry, imitation jewelry business. Analysts expect earnings to grow at a compounded annual rate of 20 per cent during year 2015-17.